This is a proposal for an international competition called “Superskyscrapers”. The competition brief demanded exploring the possibility of a temporary adequate housing solution for dwellers of the densely populated Dharavi Slum in Mumbai, India, using used-shipping containers as building modules.
Our concept is about stacking containers 10 storeys high keeping in mind its modular character which can repeated several times. The steel skin itself takes the load like a “Monocoque” structure thus cutting cost for additional columns or beams. The design of a 100 M tall high rise structure (approx. 32 storeys) calls for erecting portal frames connected with steel girders placed every 8 storeys and this module repeats vertically.
Each apartment is made up of 3 standard size (40’ Long X 8’6” High X 8’ Wide) containers. Plan is staggered to create an aesthetic and for ergonomic purpose. The floor above cantilevers over the floor below to create a covered corridor. The sides of the portal carries solar panels on the west side and micro wind turbines on the east side for hybrid cogeneration of electricity. The corridors are lines with screens made out of recycled terracotta jalis which are made locally in Dharavi at Kumbharwada (Potter’s community). Thus, the goal of the container skyscraper was to make it truly affordable and sustainable. The proposal has won a first prize in the competition.