Kohinoor Square, the newest and most iconic address in Mumbai, serves multiple markets in a suburban environment, on a compact but highly visible site. Standing 236.6 meters tall, it has become the tallest mixed-use building in India, as well as South Asia, as of 2013. Taking cues from the diamond, the intent was to have the building seen as sculpture in its volume and composition, employing light as a medium. The goal was to illuminate select elements of the façade (spandrels and flashing) to make the entire structure come alive. Programmable color-hanging LEDs mounted in select 482 spandrels illuminate the façade subtly,without adding to light pollution. The resulting effect is a lit diamond’s geometry of faceted triangulation. Direct-view LED profiles mounted along the entire length of the flashing outline the faceted glass skin, resulting in an innovative concept of 482 backlit spandrels spread across all four of the building façades, and vertically-lit flashing outlining the façade, giving Mumbai’s skyline its first-ever sparkling diamond.