A reflection of modern architecture, Villa Wagholi Township, designed by GA Design Consultants, spreads over 104 acres, offering stunning views of Pune’s urbanscape. With nearly 50% of total open area landscaped, the features include water bodies, a lawn, a promenade, and vehicle-free avenues. The plush podium and modern clubhouse host a range of amenities making urban life convenient, and truly extraordinary. It offers its residents generous a lifestyle, boasting several 100-meter-tall towers, luxurious villas, two clubhouses, and branded residences. A project of this caliber demands a highly-sensitive and sophisticated lighting approach. GA Design’s lighting intent was to provide a distinct visual hierarchy, distinguishing harmoniously the primary and secondary axes. An innovative lighting scheme at the central water feature sets it apart from the rest of surroundings, truly making it the pride and joy of the Township.